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Product Flyers

I was asked to design a Wedge Flyer that would live inside a plastic insert face out of the product packaging.

Coupon Design

I designed this universal layout that stores can use for any event. I would then change the end date upon request. 


Image Manipulation and Product Clean Up

When one of our store owners had a clearance sale with products we never carred, I had to use some Photoshop surgery to clean up the image to our standard. We contacted their vendor to send us images. I took the image on the left into Photoshop and was able to match it with another model's foot. The end result kept our Franchisee very happy. 

Using an old and new image, I messed the two so it looks like a model we currently carry. As well, as manipulation to the book to be used as a promotional piece.

Window Clings

Large prints are requested by the Franchisee and usually feature their best selling product. I coordinate with their local printer and check with our visual merchandising department to make sure everything fits within the mullions. 


Sidewalk Signs

Designed to feature our catagories. Displayed on sidwalks outside our stores. These two signs above were first showen during out 2015 convention.

Evolve Logo

Initiated by Relax The Back C.O.O to create a logo that would describe where the theme for the 2017 convention. 

Tower Banners

These large signs welcomed guest to the trade show floor. Each vertical back had schedules and times for convention events. 

Medical Catalog Updated: BEFORE


Using InDesign and speaking with the VP of Marketing. I made several changes to our Medical Catalog. Changes to the cover and pieces of copy from several pages inside the catalog. I also spoke with our printer to change the back cover to adhere to printing specification. 

Branding Ad

Apart from several promotional ads, branding ads are essential to informing potential customers who we are. I designed an ad with bullet points to and copy talk to what separates us from other retail stores. Above is our most popular branding ad. 


Billboard Project

12x15 foot billboard sign for our Memphis store. After talking with the franchisee we determined which product he wanted to display.


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